Series: Society of Laboriously Contrived Apparatuses For Simple Living (S.O.L.C.A.F.S.L.)

As an artist, I am an observer of the “social existence of human beings” - Lefebvre. 

Society occasionally needs reflection and balance checking. As an observer I have made it my responsibility to awaken the latent consciousness of the viewer by combining visual descriptions with literary evidence.

The political American drama is confounding due to the mass amount of biased untruths presented as facts. What began as a commentary on laws which restricted individual rights, such as the New York illegalization of trans fats and the Federal Communications Committee (FCC) control over media output, transformed into an investigation into the burden of daily responsibilities, rituals, and niceties, which some individuals create in an effort to achieve the modern day's version of happiness and success. 

The newest addition to the series uses photomontage, text, and graphic information in order to educate and create awareness about the corrupt collaboration between corporations and the Federal Government. Through extensive research the leaders of our political and monetary circus slowly surfaced. The facade of American "capitalism" and "fair" trade is revealed through the relationships between CEO’s, government officials, and the laws they create together.

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