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  1. Our Infrastructure is growing!

    22 Oct 2015
    We had Lon Ellis Welding build our shop. It is about 1200 sq ft with 12ft overhangs on each side.

  2. Black-eyed Peas Galore!

    11 Aug 2015
    We planted two garden beds with black-eyed peas- one bed in the beginning of April and another bed about a month later. We’ve made two pots so far and have enough to make at least four more as of right now. The second bed has just started producing within the…

  3. Baling Hay

    05 Aug 2015
    Pros of a rainy spring  = lots of hay Last year we had 9 bales of hay- this year we have 32 bales. 

  4. Buddy’s Photo Session

    27 Jul 2015
    Our dog Buddy  has been enjoying Grimesville quite a bit as well. When the spring flowers were blooming I was able to make him stay still (sort of) for a photo shoot. Photo Shoot With Buddy What is Buddy Distracted by? A fly! Will he catch it? Maybe? Yum.

  5. Springtime in Grimesville

    30 May 2015
    Besides chickens we also want to provide for our own fruits and vegetables. We decided to start small and built three garden beds for onions, black-eyed peas, and potatoes. We also planted tomatoes and okra in the ground. While our vegetables were beginning to grow so were the wild flowers…

  6. Grimesville Becomes Official

    11 May 2015
    Three generations of Grimes men came together to make Grimesville official. After welding the letters on and painting the pipes green it was ready to be welded back in place. 

  7. Chicken Processing

    12 Jan 2015
    After five months of growing chickens it was finally time to begin the next stage: Chicken Processing. This was my first experience doing anything like this, and although it is not a glamorous job, the end result is very satisfying.

  8. Farm Life Installment 4

    14 Oct 2014
    Progress Continues … Some good reads:The following books have step by step ways of accomplishing organic farming whether you want to do it for yourself or as a business.

  9. Farm Life Installment 3

    06 Oct 2014
    All in a day’s work.

  10. Farm Life Installment 2

    14 Aug 2014
    Domestic and Wild Animals

  11. Farm Life

    12 Aug 2014
    My photographic research has given me a glimpse into the workings of our society. A conglomerate of greed and corruption has taken over our state and federal governments, monetary system, legal system, media networks, food industry, medical industry, and almost any industry that still exists in the United States Slice…

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